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Fertilizer machine cage crusher

As a fine crushing equipment, cage crusher is widely used in fertilizer crushing, compound fertilizer crushing and organic mineral crushing. It can adapt to crushing materials with different hardness and viscosity and play the role of mixing. The cage crusher uses the cage bar fixed on the high-speed rotating rotor to strike the material and realize the material crushing. There are two types cage crusher: single rotor and double rotor.

Working principle of cage crusher
The cage crusher determines the capacity of the machine by the size of the cage. The cage crusher produced by Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd has an output of 1-10 tons to choose from. The double-rotor cage crusher consists of two rotating cages with different diameters. The inner and outer cages rotate at high speed in opposite directions. Material is thrown from the inner space and smashed by the fierce blow of steel bars. Then, under the action of centrifugal force, it is thrown onto the next ring of steel bars. After breaking up, it is discharged from the outer space, and the material trajectory shows a curve.

Advantage and disadvantage of cage crusher
The cage crusher has a high internal working speed, and the cage bars are easy to wear and tear under strong impact and frequent replacement. The wear degree of four-layer cage is different because of different working linear velocity. The crusher should adopt different diameters to make the four layers of cages wear evenly.
cage crusher
Cage crusher has the advantages of simple structure, good crushing performance, strong sealing, easy cleaning and maintenance, and good adaptability to wet materials.