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BB fertilizer market has good prospects

The fertilizer obtained by mixing more than two kinds of granular fertilizers is called bulk-blending fertilizer (BB fertilizer). The development of BB fertilizer can improve the science and economy of fertilization, and can be fertilized according to land and crop. The earliest development is the processing of powdery mixed fertilizer. With the technological progress of fertilizer industry, granular mixed fertilizer is more widely used.

BB fertilizer links production, marketing and use. The BB fertilizer manufacturer of mixed fertilizer uses soil samples and then analyses the samples. According to the soil nutrient content and PH value, as well as the crops planted and the expected harvest, the N, P2O5, K2O nutrient use per unit of land was prepared. Fertilizer manufacturers use this setting to mix fertilizer ingredients. The BB fertilizer obtained in this way is more suitable for crop cultivation than the original fixed size granular compound fertilizer.
BB fertilizer

Generally speaking, BB fertilizer can reduce the cost of distribution and sale of chemical fertilizers, make agricultural fertilization scientific, and help prevent waste of resources and pollution caused by excessive fertilization. BB fertilizer has flexible formula, less investment in production equipment, simple production method and good prospects in the production of compound fertilizer.