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Processing and production of BB fertilizer

BB fertilizer is the best product of balanced fertilization. According to the principle of balanced fertilization, the total nutrients of the special fertilizer for producing multielement and total nutrients from monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate are over 50%. The formula is flexible and specific. In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, BB fertilizer can be mixed with medium and trace elements, herbicides and insecticides according to the law of crop fertilizer demand and the level of soil fertilizer supply. Soil testing and fertilization can make the nutrients in fertilizers absorbed and utilized by crops to the maximum extent, so as to reduce the cost of fertilization and reduce the impact of excessive nutrient dispersal or loss on the environment.
BB fertilizer production line
BB fertilizer process is simple, less investment, easy to popularize. Bulk basic fertilizers are purchased in batches from factories and stored in different categories. Generally, they are stored in scattered piles on the ground. Most of them are transported by forklift trucks as fertilizers in factories and fed by bucket elevators. BB fertilizer should be mixed in accordance with the rules of chemical compatibility. After mixing different basic fertilizers, some reactions may even cause nutrient loss. Ammonium nitrogen should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers to avoid loss of ammonium nitrogen. Adding neutralizer in mixed fertilizers can also cause ammonia loss.

In BB fertilizer production, attention should be paid to the matching of particle shape to reduce secondary separation. When different granules of fertilizer are mixed, the size of granules should not be too large, so that the mixture will not be separated twice. Basic fertilizer granules should have a certain strength, can withstand extrusion, friction and other external forces in the production process without differentiation. The granularity of BB fertilizer not only directly affects the appearance of the product and the degree of secondary separation, but also has a great impact on the efficiency of fertilization and fertilizer utilization, so the granularity stress of basic fertilizer is similar.