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Extrusion granulation technology and equipment for compound fertilizer

Extrusion granulation technology of compound fertilizer
Extrusion granulation of compound fertilizer is a dry granulation process in which solid materials are agglomerated by external pressure. Fertilizer powder is close to the particles under high pressure, which causes molecular force and electrostatic force, and makes the particles close to each other. It can be regarded as a continuous process. Under the action of external force, the loose material is first discharged from the air between the powder particles, and the particles are rearranged to eliminate the gap between the materials, so that the material can be densified.
The extrusion granulation of compound fertilizer is influenced by many factors, such as its hardness, density, corrosiveness, moisture, temperature, shape of fertilizer particles, particle distribution and fluidity. The extrusion granulation process of compound fertilizer generally does not need drying and cooling processes. The extrusion granulator is especially suitable for the processing of thermal sensitive materials, and saves investment and energy consumption. Extrusion can produce fertilizers with higher concentration than general compound fertilizers, and can add organic fertilizers or other nutrients to raw materials as needed.

Extrusion granulation equipment for compound fertilizer
The commonly used extrusion granulation equipment for compound fertilizer include double roller press granulator, flat die granulator and ring die granulator. These fertilizer extrusion granulators press the powder into elliptical or cylindrical particles by extrusion. Extrusion granulation operations are all carried out under dry conditions. There is no waste water to pollute the environment, and because of the small corrosiveness, granulator equipment can choose general materials, and the cost is low.
double roller press granulatorflat die granulatorring die granulator

Extrusion granulation equipment is widely used in the granulation of single fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc. It is simple to operate and can realize automatic control of production, convenient and flexible production. Extrusion granulation process is an important way of compound fertilizer processing. The equipment of extrusion granulation production does not have a certain scale. It is also feasible to produce compound fertilizer in small fertilizer equipment. It can also produce special fertilizer in small batches according to user's requirements.