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How to Select the Suitable Fertilizer Granulation Machine to Make Plant Ash Granular Fertilizer

In the process of crop growth, external nutrients are absorbed mainly through diffusion. Plant ash granular fertilizer supplements certain amount of potassium for potassium-demanding crops, promotes the rapid growth of crops, and realizes the large-scale utilization of biomass resources. Among all kinds of fertilizer granulation machines and production processes, which equipment is suitable for the production of plant ash granular fertilizer? Here we introduce flat die granulator and the ring die granulator.

Significance of fertilizer granulation machine processing plant ash granular fertilizer
Chemical fertilizer is inefficient and can not meet the needs of a large number of crop production. In order to promote crop production, more efficient fertilizer is needed. Plant ash granular fertilizer is a kind of slow-release fertilizer which is formed by the waste plant ash processed by fertilizer granulation machine. It is usually plant gray material, which is not easy to loosen and is conducive to plant absorption. Compared with other fertilizer granulation machines, flat-die granulator and ring-die granulator have better granulation effect by extruding the biomass. The granules made by the flat-die granulator and the ring-die granulator have no cracks on the surface, and the quality of the granules is the best. The manufacturing technology of this kind of fertilizer granulation machine is the best drying technology of the granular fertilizer for the plant ash.

Working principle of flat die granulator and ring die granulator
fertilizer granulation machine for flat die granulator
The conveying mechanism of granulator conveys the powdered plant ash biomass to the rotating die. Under the action of centrifugal force, the inner wall of the die forms a layer of material. Because of the relative movement between the die and the roller, the material will be extruded from the die hole. The cutting knife cuts the strip material into the required length.

Flat-die granulator and ring-die granulator, which have simple processing method and low equipment cost, are excellent equipment for producing granular fertilizer of plant and wood ash. They have far-reaching significance for improving the ecological environment by processing granular fertilizers.