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Pressure Regulation of Roller Press Granulator in Fertilizer Granulation Process

The extrusion force of roller press granulator is an important parameter for the safe and stable operation of the granulator. The pressure of roller press granulator directly affects the extrusion effect and quality of fertilizer granulation process. Therefore, the pressure regulation of roller press granulator is an important control parameter in granulation. The proper pressure can improve the fertilizer granulation output of the equipment, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of the granulator.

If the pressure of roller press granulator is too small, there will be more voids between the granularity of fertilizer, which can not meet the pressure required by material extrusion, and compact cake will not be formed, which will affect the effect. If the pressure is too large, it will easily cause the phenomenon of "repolymerization" among the particles of material, resulting in the difficulty of cake scattering and classification, and the wear and damage of roller surface and bearing will be aggravated. Based on the running current of the main motor, the particle size of the material, the grindability and the loose degree of the cake, we choose the appropriate pressure to adjust the pressure of the roller press granulator. The higher the current of the roller extrusion granulator, the more work is done, and the higher the fertilizer granulation capacity.
roller press granulator for fertilizer granulation process

When the particle size of the material is large and the grindability is poor, the pressure can be properly controlled higher. We judge that the cake can be broken by hand. It is too hard to indicate that the pressure is too large, and a lot of loose pressure is not enough. When the pressure increases, whether the observed current increases or not, if not, it means that the system extrusion pressure has reached the upper limit and the pressure is invalid, so it should be adjusted to the original set pressure. In the pressure adjustment of fertilizer granulation process, we must check the hydraulic system, side baffle and roll gap of roller press granulator, and observe whether the control parameters are within the design range. Only when the pressure of roller press granulator is properly regulated, can the granules achieve the desired effect and improve the fertilizer production efficiency in the fertilizer granulation process.