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Yield Increasing Effect of BB Fertilizer and BB Fertilizer Equipment Processing Technology

BB fertilizer has comprehensive nutrient content, high concentration and strong pertinence. Compared with other kinds of compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer equipment has the characteristics of simple processing and low production cost. BB fertilizer also has a very significant effect on crop yield, which has played a very good role in increasing land yield and income.

Yield Increasing Effect of BB Fertilizer
When BB fertilizer was applied to wheat, wheat grew vigorously in early stage, did not premature senescence in mature stage, and maintained a certain green leaf area. Moreover, it is superior to conventional fertilization in yield. BB fertilizer is convenient and simple for wheat, and the nutrients of BB fertilizer are comprehensive. BB fertilizer can provide a variety of nutrients for different periods of wheat and meet the needs of wheat growth and development.

bb fertilizer equipment processing technology
BB fertilizer processing technology is simple, low investment cost and low maintenance cost. BB fertilizer equipment mainly includes batching system, BB fertilizer blender, packing machine. The batching system automatically mixes several different fertilizer granules according to the set proportion. BB fertilizer blender mixes all fertilizer granules evenly to ensure the quality and efficiency of BB fertilizer. The packing machine packs the mixed fertilizer into bags, and the BB fertilizer packaged can be sold to the market. (Process of bulk blending fertilizer production line)
Because BB fertilizer is mixed with several kinds of fertilizers, there are no other treatments such as coating in the process of BB fertilizer equipment processing, so BB fertilizer is easier to absorb moisture and agglomerate than a single fertilizer. BB fertilizer equipment should be manufactured according to market requirements, so as to avoid moisture absorption and precipitation of fertilizers for a long time and affect the effect.