BB fertilizer production line/ High yield bulk blending fertilizer production line

BB fertilizer is a kind of bulk blending fertilizer. Different types of granulated fertilizers (such as urea, diammonium, potassium chloride, etc.) are physically blended in proportion to demand. The compound fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and medium and trace elements is commonly called BB fertilizer. BB fertilizer formula is flexible, particle size is balanced, easy to apply, low moisture content, good particle strength, no caking during storage.
BB fertilizer production line is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of compound fertilizer plants and fertilizer distributors, with annual output of 10,000-100,000 tons. The main equipment of BB fertilizer mixer adopts positive and negative operation, and mixes and outputs materials through special internal screw mechanism and three-dimensional structure. The whole BB fertilizer equipment has the characteristics of low price, small area, large output and even mixing.

BB fertilizer production line main equipment composition:
Automatic batching system, BB fertilizer blender, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, quantitative packing machine, production line control cabinet
BB fertilizer production line
Characteristics of BB Fertilizer Production Line:
(1) Automation. BB fertilizer production line is composed of automatic batching system, mixing system and quantitative packaging system. It is controlled by computer and automated. It greatly reduces staff and labor intensity.
(2) High accuracy. The proportioning system is controlled by computer and electronic weighing, and the proportioning is strictly controlled. For all kinds of ingredients, the error of electronic quantitative packaging is less than one thousandth.  
(3) Large output. The design output of the production line is 8-30ton per hour. There are three specifications for selection.
(4) Technological innovation.
a. The mixing system adopts the drum BB fertilizer mixer and barrel feeder, which not only does not damage the original particle shape of the material, but also prevents the separation of the finished product after mixing; batch mixing method has high mixing uniformity. The mixer blade has novel design, uniform stirring and fast feed and discharge. Effectively improve product quality and market competitiveness.
b. BB Fertilizer Production Line adopts the method of feeding on the ground. The batching system is set down and the barrel is lifted. The structure of the production line is compact and the area occupied is small. It directly feeds on the ground, and the labor intensity is relatively small. The barrel lifting device reduces the contact between material and air to a greater extent, and avoids moisture absorption and moisture regain of material in the production process.
c. BB fertilizer production line equipment does not contain dead corners of stored grains. Cleaning after shutdown is convenient and simple.  
Video of BB Fertilizer Production Line

BB fertilizer production line has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, saving manpower and financial resources, low long-term operation cost, high cost-effective and durable.