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A fertilizer granulation production process combining Potassium Chloride and NPK Fertilizer

Because of the flexible nutrient distribution ratio of fertilizer products, the adjustment of single fertilizer granulation mode is inconvenient, which is not conducive to the production of special compound fertilizer. Our factory designed a production line which can produce potassium chloride and NPK fertilizers simultaneously. It combines two kinds of fertilizers to obtain nutrient comprehensive compound fertilizer products. The whole production line is granulated separately by rotary drum granulator machine and roller extrusion granulator. The granules are mixed together through drying and cooling system, and then through screening, we can get the special compound fertilizer we need.

Rotary drum granulator machine to produce potassium chloride fertilizer
Potassium chloride fertilizer can not only improve crop yield and product quality, but also enhance crop stress resistance. Potassium fertilizer can improve fiber quality of fiber crops. In addition to significantly alleviating crop diseases, it also has a significant role in improving crop freeze resistance.

Rotary drum granulator machine is not suitable for potassium chloride granulation. The granulation of potassium chloride is poor. Roller extrusion granulator alone in fertilizer production line can not complete the granulation of potassium chloride. So we use drum granulator to granulate. Because potassium chloride itself is not viscous and plasticity, it is usually necessary to add a binder to make it globular, and binder is an important factor in the production of potassium chloride granulation. The granulation process of potassium chloride can be completed by adding a cheap composite inorganic binder and a small amount of surfactant into the raw material of the rotary drum granulator, and a round and solid spherical potassium fertilizer can be prepared.
fertilizer production line for NPK and Potassium Chloride fertilizer

Fertilizer roller extrusion granulator makes powder into elliptic particles by extrusion, which is widely used in NPK fertilizer production line. In this fertilizer production line, the granules produced by the fertilizer roller extrusion granulator are mixed with the potassium chloride fertilizer granules to make the compound fertilizer we need.