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Process for disc granulating organic compound fertilizer

Organic matter has the characteristics of fertilizing soil, improving soil and quick-acting functions of inorganic nutrients. Organic fertilizer can increase the nutrient content of nitrogen, organic matter, soluble phosphorus and soluble potassium in soil, increase the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in soil, and at the same time Enhance crop disease resistance, drought resistance and metabolic function. High-quality fertilizers have a positive effect on increasing crop yields, improving crop quality, and increasing agricultural income.

The powdered fertilizer has the advantages of easy agglomeration, uneven size, unfavorable for mechanized application, easy to generate dust, cause pollution and loss, and is inconvenient for transportation and storage. Therefore, the organic fertilizer disc granulator is used to produce organic compound fertilizer. Improve the performance of fertilizer products, fertilizer granulating is an important processing of fertilizer production.

Organic fertilizer disc granulator is the core of fertilizer processing. The proportioning system mixes NPK fertilizer and organic matter in proportion, and the chain mill crusher crushes the raw material into a size suitable for disc granulation. Material fineness has a great influence on the production of organic fertilizer disc granulator. When organic fertilizer disc granulator is used for granulation, the effect of granulation of mixed organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer is good and the granulation is uniform. In actual production, raw materials can meet the requirements of granulation after being treated by chain mill crusher.
Organic Fertilizer Disc Granulator Production Process

The addition of superphosphate in the organic fertilizer production process can significantly increase the viscosity of the fertilizer. The powdered composite biological fertilizer with inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be effectively granulated without adding industrial binder during granulation, and the granulation is uniform and efficient. 

After drying and cooling, the granules containing inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic fertilizer are coated with a protective film on the outer membrane of the granule, which can ensure the long-term storage of the fertilizer.