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Characteristics of Fertilizer Making Machine-Double Roller Granulator

The double roller granulator developed by our factory is specially used to produce special fertilizer for compound fertilizer, granular phosphate fertilizer, large granular ammonium carbonate and other products. Double roller granulator is not only a fertilizer making machine, but also can process feed and other products. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and simple operation.
fertilizer making machine of double roller granulator

The main characteristics of double roller granulator in compound fertilizer production are as follows:

(1) A certain proportion of nitrate nitrogen can be added to the raw material of the double roller granulator. Nitrate nitrogen is widely used because of its quick effect, but it has strong hygroscopicity. It will be deliquescent in high temperature and humidity, which makes the granulator unable to produce. In the production of twin-roll granulator, there is no need to raise the temperature to dry, so nitrate nitrogen can be added.

(2) The double roller granulator ensures the water-soluble phosphorus content in fertilizer products. In compound fertilizer raw materials, superphosphate (or heavy calcium) is used as phosphorus source, or urea is mixed with potassium chloride. Because the product contains free acid or reaction, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus need to be increased, so that water-soluble phosphorus can not reach the target. Ammonium phosphate and calcium, magnesium and phosphorus were added to the standard ammonium ingredients in the production of double-roll granulator to make the water-soluble phosphorus of fertilizer within the standard index.

(3) The raw materials used in the production of compound fertilizer by double roller granulator are extensive. In the double roller granulator fertilizer production line, ammonium carbonate, ammonium chloride and ammonium sulfate can be used as nitrogen sources for low-concentration compound fertilizer. Ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and urea can be used as nitrogen sources for medium and high concentration compound fertilizers with calcium, magnesium and phosphorus as phosphorus sources, and calcium heavy calcium, phosphorus iron, calcium magnesium and phosphorus fertilizers as phosphorus sources for production.

(4) The fertilizer made by the double roller granulator has complete nutrients, uniform fertilizer release and standard hardness. The dissolution and diffusion of granular fertilizer in soil is much slower than that of powder fertilizer. After deep application of granular fertilizer, ammonia volatilization and loss are reduced and fertilizer utilization efficiency is improved.