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Flat die granulator for organic fertilizer granulator production line

Flat die granulator is a kind of extruded solid granulator. It is the core equipment of organic fertilizer granulator production line. It uses solid waste to produce bio-organic fertilizer. Flat die granulator has good effect on organic fertilizer granulation of straw, rice husk and other substances, and plays an important role in organic fertilizer granulation production.

Working Principle of producing organic fertilizer by flat die granulator
The power of the flat die granulator is provided by the deceleration motor, which is connected with the drive component of the granulator through the coupling. After the drive component reduces again, the speed reaches the standard 144r/min. At the same time, the motor transfers power to the spindle of the flat die granulator, and the spindle of the granulator drives the rotation of the template and the throwing disc. Organic fertilizer material enters the granulation chamber. Organic fertilizer material rotates with the template. Because of the friction, the material is extruded by rollers and extruded into strips from the holes densely distributed on the template. On the throwing tray of the flat die granulator, two cutting knives cut the strip material into granular organic fertilizer, and then the throwing tray throws the granular organic fertilizer out of the discharge outlet of the filling barrel.
flat die granulator,organic fertilizer granulator production line

The flat die granulator has a small volume, and the organic fertilizer granulator production line has low energy consumption, which can save a lot of energy. The organic fertilizer granulator production line can also be applied to granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, compound fertilizer and the like. The flat die granulator produces cylindrical particles, which can be used in the organic fertilizer granulator production line with polishing machine to improve the shape of the particles.
flat die fertilizer granulator production line