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Compost fertilizer making process and compost machine

Composting is an organic fertilizer with rich nutrients and long and stable fertilizer efficiency. The application of compost can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure and increase the ability of soil to retain water, heat, air permeability and fertilizer.
Following is the compost fertilizer making process, composting methods and compost machine.

Formulation Ratio of Composting Material
The material proportion of composting is about 1000 kg of crop straw, defoliation and weeds, 200-300 kg of poultry and livestock manure, 100-200 kg of water (adjusted according to material conditions, water proportion is about 60%), 15-30 kg of lime, 50-60 kg of phosphate rock powder, 10-15 kg of superphosphate, 8-10 kg of nitrogen fertilizer. In order to accelerate decomposition, fermentation agents can be inoculated in compost. It can also add appropriate amount of fertilizer and ditch mud to compost, which not only has the effect of fertilizer absorption and fertilizer conservation, but also promotes the decomposition of organic matter.
compost fertilizer making process

Treatment of equipment in compost fertilizer making process
Composting can be carried out by flat land stacking or fermentation tank stacking. When stacked on flat ground, the length and width of fermentation reactor can be determined according to the number of materials and the degree of convenience. It can be stacked into long strips or other shapes. After composting, it can be sealed in time with slime, fine soil and plastic film, which is beneficial to the heat, water and fertilizer preservation of composting. Fermentation tank stacking method can ferment materials in batches. This method has higher fermentation yield and faster fermentation speed. Fermentation tank stacking method is often used in organic fertilizer production line in industrial production.
Water control during fermentation is very important. If the compost is dry, it should be aerated in time. In the process of composting manufacture, the commonly used fermentation compost turning machine is windrow compost turning machine and trough compost turning machine. Windrow compost turning machine is often used in composting on flat ground. It can dump the material accumulated on the ground, fully mix the material and ventilate the material. The trough compost turner is specially designed for fermentation tank composting. It moves along a fixed track, dumps materials, mechanizes strong stirring, plays a role in further crushing of materials, and the compost is evenly mixed, which greatly improves the quality of compost.
Windrow compost turning machinetrough compost turner