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Granulation method of fertilizer drum granulator

The rotary drum granulator is granulated by the pellet method in the fertilizer production. Compared with the disc granulator, the drum granulator has larger production capacity and better operation effect. This equipment is usually used in the fertilizer drum granulator production line in fertilizer industry.

Fertilizer Granulation Principle of Rotary Drum Granulator
The motor of the drum granulator reduces speed by belt drive and reducer, and transfers power to the driving shaft. The pinion on the driving shaft meshes with the big gear ring fixed on the drum, and works in opposite direction, which drives the drum to rotate. The drum of the drum granulator has a certain inclination angle. Fertilizer is added from the feeding end and moves to the discharging end under the influence of gravity. Fertilizer becomes granules through the special structure inside the barrel and the action of steam injected into the barrel. The final fertilizer granules are discharged from the outlet.
fertilizer drum granulator

Fertilizer Drum Granulator Features
The drum granulator is internally provided with baffles which increase the residence time of the material in the drum during the fertilizer production. The rotary drum granulator has reliable fertilizer performance, stable operation and convenient maintenance. The drum granulator produces fertilizer with low cost and high yield. The granules are smooth spheres with good shape and high strength. Rotary drum granulator is a large-scale production equipment of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer of various concentrations, and is the key equipment of fertilizer industry.