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Fertilizer quality requirements for compost

By composting, the wastes rich in organic matter can be transformed into organic fertilizer, which means stabilizing, harmless and reduction (reducing quality and volume) through microbial activities, and eliminating odor to make fertilizer loose and even. After fermentation and decomposition of organic waste, the finished compost should meet the following fertilizer quality requirements.

1. Organic matter plays a major role in soil improvement. The content of organic matter should be more than 35%. Among them, the contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are 2%, 0.8% and 1.5% respectively. The particle size of inorganic matter is less than 5 mm.

2 When the compost products are stored, the moisture content should be less than 30%, and the moisture content of bagged compost should be less than 20%. Controlling the moisture content of compost is helpful to maintain good sowing ability of compost.
compost fertilizer
3 Composting should be harmless. Pathogenic bacteria, weed seeds and insect eggs of animals and plants should be killed in composting, which is also the need of crop growth, to ensure that the application of compost products is completely harmless to the environment, soil and crops.

4 For the effective utilization of compost products, other impurities such as glass, ceramics, scrap metal, stone, plastics, rubber and wood must be removed in advance.