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Fertilizer granule making machine-Ring die granulator

Ring die granulator is a widely used hard granulation equipment, which is widely used in animal husbandry, poultry breeding, fishery and other basic industries. The ring die granulator has the characteristics of good molding, high granulating efficiency, low energy consumption and stable operation in fertilizer granule making.
Ring die granulator

The ring die granulator is mainly composed of feeder, granulation chamber, transmission system and lubrication system. Ring die granulator is a ring die driven by the spindle and rotates. When working, the pressing roller presses the powder material into the ring die hole. After extrusion, it is cylindrical and cut into pellet feed by a fixed cutter. The main feature of the fertilizer granule making machine is that the linear velocity of the ring die is equal to that of the roller contact line, so there is no additional friction and all the extrusion force is used for granulation. The organic fertilizer granules produced by this ring die granulator have good quality, high production efficiency, less energy consumption than other granulators, and are widely used in fertilizer production.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd. produces ring die granulator, which is a fertilizer granule making machine based on many years of production experience and advanced domestic and foreign granulator. The ring-die granulator has excellent technology, simple operation, and has designed various types of granulator. It is an ideal granulator for organic fertilizer processing and feed processing. In the process of fertilizer granule making, the temperature of the ring die granulator rises low and the nutrients in the raw material can be well maintained.