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Dairy farm cow dung organic fertilizer machine

Cows in dairy farms excrete a lot of manure every day. The traditional method of treating cow manure not only can not catch up with the amount of cow manure discharged, but also has a serious impact on the ecological environment. Cow dung fertilizer machine through aerobic composting high-temperature fermentation technology for cow dung high-temperature fermentation, rapid maturation, to achieve industrial production of organic fertilizer.

Composting fermentation of cow dung organic fertilizer machine
The continuous fermentation process is adopted in the production of cow dung organic fertilizer. The mixture of manure, excipients and conditioners is sent to one end of the fermentation tank every day. After a fermentation cycle, the fermented materials are transported from the other end of the fermentation tank. In fermentation, compost turner and mechanized turning of cow dung are used to make the materials fully contact with the air, facilitate moisture volatilization, and promote the rapid completion of aerobic fermentation. In addition, when the machine is used with multiple slots, the transfer vehicle can be used to change the slots of the turner. The turner carries out the turn operation to make the material mix evenly. During the fermentation period, the compost was turned over once a day (the maturation period should be adjusted according to the specific environment and conditions). The moisture content of the compost was about 35%.

Cow dung organic fertilizer machine and organic fertilizer production line
In the production of cow dung organic fertilizer, the aerobic composting plant of cow manure mainly includes basic construction and equipment of organic fertilizer production line. Cow dung organic fertilizer machine mainly includes compost turning machine, crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, drum screener, rotary drum dryer, rotary drum cooler, packing machine and so on.
Cow dung organic fertilizer machine
The organic manure after maturity can be processed by fertilizer machine to obtain high quality organic manure.