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Pig manure organic fertilizer production process

The manure from livestock farming is an economic and environmental treatment method, and pig manure is a very good raw material for organic fertilizer production. Pig manure organic fertilizer is a neutral fertilizer, which can be used as base fertilizer and forced fertilizer, and is suitable for various soils and crops. Pig manure is composed of cellulose and hemicellulose with less lignin. Pig manure also contains protein and its decomposition products, as well as more ammoniated microorganisms, so the amount of humus formed by fermentation of pig manure into organic fertilizer is higher than that of other kinds of animal manure. The C/N ratio of pig manure is low. Compared with other animal manure, ammonia is easier to decompose and accumulate more humus, which can effectively improve the soil storage capacity.

In the process of pig manure accumulation, nitrogen is easily volatilized and lost under the action of microorganisms. Therefore, the key to pig manure composting is to prevent the loss of nitrogen in the accumulation. At the same time, the heavy metal content in pig manure is higher. When pig manure compost is used as a fertilizer source alone in farmland, it will significantly increase the accumulation of heavy metals in soil and vegetables, and the content of heavy metals will increase with the increase of the amount of pig manure organic fertilizer and the application life. Therefore, in the production of organic fertilizer from pig manure, heavy metal passivators such as straw, fly ash, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and phosphate rock powder should be used to pretreat the heavy metal in order to reduce the impact on soil and crops.
Pig manure organic fertilizer production process
The processed pig manure fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer has high value. It can be used as raw material for commercial organic fertilizer for further processing. It can be sold on the market after being crushed, granulated, screened and other treatment by the equipment of organic fertilizer production line.