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Production and utilization of biogas organic fertilizer

Biogas organic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made from the residue of biogas fermentation. Biogas fertilizer has the characteristics of complete nutrient, quick-acting nutrient and slow-acting nutrient, low odor and so on. Comprehensive utilization of biogas fertilizer plays an important role in recycling material and energy, resolving contradictions between fuel, fertilizer and feed, protecting ecological environment, promoting comprehensive, sustained and benign development of agriculture.

Livestock manure, crop straw and sludge wastewater can be used as raw materials for biogas fermentation. Biogas fertilizer is rich in resources, widely distributed, nutrient-rich, easy to be absorbed and utilized by crops, and has a certain biological activity. It is a large amount of high-quality organic fertilizer. In order to make industrial organic wastewater with high concentration develop toward reduction, resource utilization and comprehensive utilization, some distilleries and sugar factories have adopted biogas engineering design. The separated residue and fermented biogas residue are dried and treated as industrial waste biogas fertilizer, and can also be processed into organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.
biogas organic fertilizer

The conversion of biogas residue into organic fertilizer with higher added value can industrialize the production of organic fertilizer, serialize the products and commercialize the inputs, and bring rich economic benefits in production. Biogas organic fertilizer is rich in a large amount of organic matter, humic acid, crude protein, NPK and a variety of trace elements. It can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer and soil improver.