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High profit of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Sheep are ruminants, chewing feed very fine, so the feces are fine and dry, calorific, is a thermal fertilizer. Sheep manure is rich in nutrients, boron, copper and manganese content is the highest, nitrogen in sheep manure is mainly in urea form, easy to decompose and be absorbed by crops. Sheep manure is a kind of high-quality pure natural, quick-acting, slightly alkaline, organic fertilizer. It has a lot of organic matter and quick-acting fertilizer. It is suitable for all kinds of soil and crops. Organic fertilizer production line uses sheep manure to produce organic fertilizer, which has a wide source of raw materials and low production cost. Fertilizer factories can cooperate with breeding occasions to solve sheep manure and achieve mutual benefit. 

Production and technology of sheep manure organic fertilizer
To make organic fertilizer from sheep manure, the composting process should be determined first, and then the production line of organic fertilizer equipment.
Fermentation of sheep manure organic manure should pay attention to the selection and mixing of composting materials. Sheep manure is used as composting material, which has high nutrient content and low C/N ratio. High C/N ratio of fermentation materials makes fermentation slow, low C/N ratio makes fermentation fast and nutrient loss. Sheep manure fermentation materials also need to be supplemented with organic materials with high C/N ratio, such as straw, mushroom residue and cake. Secondly, inoculating microorganisms into sheep manure compost, especially some bacteria with strong ability to decompose organic fertilizer, can promote the composting process. In addition, to adjust the appropriate water condition of compost, water regulation directly affects the fermentation speed and maturity of compost, and is also one of the key factors of aerobic composting. Finally, lime should be added to compost as appropriate.
sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line equipment
Fermented sheep manure is then refined. The equipment of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line is determined by the scale of fertilizer plant and the degree of automation. The investment of equipment varies from about US$30,000 to US$300,000. The main equipments of organic fertilizer production line are compost turning machine, crusher, mixer, conveyor, organic fertilizer granulator, screening machine, rotary dryer, cooler, packing machine, etc. According to the output and technology of fertilizer plant, fertilizer equipment can be increased or reduced, some equipment can be removed for small-scale investment, and the production line of high-yield fertilizer can increase the degree of automation, reduce human labor and reduce production costs.

Organic fertilizer production line can treat sheep manure with high economic benefit and high harmless degree of organic fertilizer. It can improve soil, improve the quality of crop products and increase the yield of crops. Sheep manure is refined by high temperature sterilization, fermentation and decomposition, harmless treatment, combined with organic fertilizer production line process, which overcomes the shortcomings of chemical fertilizer, has high fertilizer efficiency, high value and high profit return.