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Advantages of telescopic belt conveyor

The telescopic belt conveyor refers to the conveyor with storage belt device in the fuselage, which can adjust its length according to the position change of the working face. The main difference between the structure and the fixed conveyor is that it increases the mechanism of the telescopic conveyor belt and greatly improves the efficiency of transportation. The telescopic belt conveyor is widely used for conveying coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer, grain and other materials. It has the following advantages.

1. The captain and assembling form of the telescopic belt conveyor can be determined according to the user's requirements. The driving device can be either an electric drum or a driving device with a driving frame.

2. Belt conveyor is the most ideal high-efficiency continuous transportation equipment. Compared with other transportation equipment, it has the advantages of long distance, large volume, continuous transportation, reliable operation, easy to realize automation and centralized control.

3. The main characteristics of the telescopic belt conveyor are that the fuselage can be easily retracted, with a storage belt warehouse, the tail can be extended or shortened with the advance of the collecting face, with compact structure, light frame and convenient disassembly and assembly. When the transportation capacity and distance are large, the intermediate drive device can be equipped to meet the requirements.
telescopic belt conveyortelescopic belt conveyor

4. According to the requirements of the conveying technology, the telescopic belt conveyor can be conveyed by a single machine or by a horizontal or inclined conveying system composed of multiple units. Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical industry and other departments, because it has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost and strong versatility. Telescopic belt conveyor is also used in building materials, power, light industry, grain, port, ship and other departments.

5. In the fertilizer production line, a rhythmic pipeline transportation line is formed through the connection of belt conveyors, which improves the efficiency of fertilizer production and saves human labor.