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Why the effect of rotary screener is good

Rotary screener is used for sieving particles. When screening, the material is added into the cylinder by the inlet, and the particles that meet the specifications pass through the screen hole, while the coarse material moves along the inclined surface of the cylinder and discharges at the outlet. The rotary screener machine has high screening efficiency, avoids the shortcomings of vibration screener noise and wet material blocking screen mesh in fertilizer production. It has the advantages of low maintenance and remarkable effect of dust and noise reduction.

1. Screening efficiency of rotary screener is high. The rotary screener can install belt beating device to clean the screen. During the screening process, wet material enters the screen. The beating device beats the bonded material through relative movement with the screen body, which is not easy to block the screen, thus improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.

2. Dust-reducing effect of rotary screener is good. The whole screening mechanism is designed in the sealed dust cover, which completely eliminates the dust flying phenomenon in the screening process and improves the production environment.

3. Low noise of rotary screener equipment. During the operation of the equipment, the noise generated by the material and the rotary screen is completely separated by the sealed dust cover, so that the noise can not be transmitted to the outside of the equipment, which reduces the noise in the production of the rotary screener.
rotary screenerrotary screenerrotary screener
4. The service life of rotary screener is long. The rotary screener is composed of several circular flat steel. Its cross-sectional area is much larger than that of other equipment screen, so it has a long service life.

5. The rotary screener is easy to repair. There are observation windows on both sides of the sealed dust cover of the rotary screener, which can observe the operation of the rotary at any time, and a quick open door for overhaul on the side. It is very convenient for the daily maintenance and regular overhaul of the equipment, without affecting the normal operation of the equipment.