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Drum screener machine of fertilizer screening equipment

Drum screener machine is a common equipment in the compound fertilizer production. It is mainly used for separating the finished product from the returned material. It can also realize the classification of the finished product and make the finished product evenly classified. In the fertilizer production line, the semi-finished compound fertilizer after granulation, drying and cooling can not be packaged directly, because the granules produced by the granulating equipment itself are different and damaged in the process of processing, so the granularity of semi-finished fertilizer is not uniform, which needs to be screened by the fertilizer drum screener.
Drum screener machineDrum screener machine

The drum screener adopts combined sieve mesh, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. Its structure is simple, operation is convenient, and running is stable. It is an ideal equipment for fertilizer granulation production. The drum screen machine is mainly composed of motor, reducer, rotary drum, frame, transmission device and sealed dust-proof cover. It is a slightly inclined drum with the screen on the surface, rotary screener machine screens particles in fertilizer production. When the fertilizer particles enter the drum screen from the inlet port, due to the inclination and rotation of the drum device, the particles on the screen surface turn over and roll, the fine materials below the sieve hole diameter are separated from other materials through the screen mesh, and the coarse materials above the diameter are discharged from the lower end of the drum screen outlet.