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How does the automatic packing machine package fertilizer products

The granules/powder automatic packing machine is a kind of packaging equipment commonly used in fertilizer production, which developed by our company. It can complete the work of metering, feeding, sealing, transporting and counting at one time. Its structure is simple, its operation is simple, and it is easy to maintain. It has been widely used in fertilizer production.
automatic packing machine 
The automatic packing machine can adjust the packing speed: by adjusting the control instrument, the diameter ratio of the main and driven pulleys can be changed, and different rotational speeds can be obtained, that is, the speed of the packaging fertilizer products can be changed.
Main transmission mechanism of automatic packing machine: the packaging machine is powered by the main motor. The distribution shaft is driven by the reducer and distributed to the measuring, filling, heat sealing, conveying and other mechanisms. At the same time, the synchronous control signal is provided for the electric control system.
Automatic packing machine realizes automatic measurement: the distribution shaft drives the metering disk to rotate through the transmission gear to complete the metering and filling work. The packaging machine adopts high-speed sampling and processing instrument and digital frequency conversion technology, automatically sets control parameters and automatically corrects the drop. Suitable for different packaging materials, high precision and simple operation.
Conveyor mechanism of automatic packing machine: The power of the packaging machine is transmitted to the conveyor pulley through a pair of bevel gears, and the finished product is sent out of the machine by the conveyor belt. In the production process, the position of some parts and components needs to be changed in the production process, which affects the quality of fertilizer production and packaging, and needs to be adjusted in time.