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Packing machine common faults and treatment methods

Packing machine is the last step in commodity production, the quality of packaging affects product quality. Here are some common faults and solutions of packing machine.

The packing scale is inaccurate and the hopper has surplus material after feeding.
1. Look at the parameter settings on the display screen of the control cabinet first. It may be that the setting of this parameter is too small, the feeding speed is too fast, and finally the packing weight is affected. Set this parameter to a reasonable range
2. Check the side boards of hoppers on the packing machine platform, check whether there is damage to the air source pipe of the cylinder and its joints, and find out the appropriate type of air source pipe for replacement.
3. Material may be over-damp. When the weighing hopper is in charge, it can't throw the material thoroughly, which leads to the hanging of the weighing hopper. First stop conveying materials, close the scale hopper, and reduce the weight of the scale to be packed, for example, below 20 kg. Then start the packing machine for cutting, until the rest of the buffer hopper is finished.
Packing machinePacking machine

There is a malfunction in the sewing and packing of the packaging machine. The sewing and packing is not smooth. The sewing and packing can only be sewn in half or can not be sewn at all.
Firstly, check if there is any bag jamming in the conveyor part. For example, the main place where the phenomenon of bag jamming is now serious is the conveyor part. Long-term wear and corrosion make the conveyor belt relaxed a lot. There are problems in the operation of the bearing in the roller, so the packing will cause the bag jamming. We can wrap rubber cloth on the rollers to increase friction with the belt. At the same time, we should often check the operation of the rollers. When it is found that the rollers are not working properly, we should remove them and wash them in time. Next, it is necessary to check whether there is a jam at the motor. If the jam is mainly caused by the inadequate clamping of the belts on both sides of the motor.

Transport failure of packing machine.
The reason for this failure may be that the bag is jammed and the transportation is not smooth in the process of sewing and bagging transportation. You can start the packaging machine again. It may also be that the line of the packing machine is disconnected and cannot work, so the line should be checked, especially at the junction of the line.