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What are the precautions when using the dryer

In the fertilizer granulation production line, since the produced fertilizer particles have high humidity, which is not conducive to the preservation of the fertilizer, drying treatment is usually required. The drum dryer is widely used in the production of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compost, etc. It is an important fertilizer equipment. When using the dryer, proper operation facilitates efficient operation of the dryer and improves fertilizer quality.
drum dryer

1. Installation of drum dryer. Hot air stoves, induced draft fans, dryer barrels, conveying pipes, etc. should be aligned, and the connection is tight and seamless to avoid entering cold air and causing air leakage.
2. Testing the dryer. After the installation is completed, close the power switch and run the rotating parts such as the hot air blower and the induced draft fan to observe the rotation direction. If there is a reverse rotation, stop the machine immediately and correct it.
3. Operation. Test the moisture of the fertilizer granules before drying to avoid uneven moisture of the dried fertilizer products and affect the quality. The hot air temperature must be within the range required by the process. If the temperature is lower than the specified range, the fertilizer drying effect is poor and the production efficiency is low; if the temperature is higher than the specified limit, the product quality will be seriously affected. Adjust the speed of the drum dryer to avoid excessive drying of the particles, too slow to affect the efficiency, and even the burning of the pellets.