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Maintenance and repair of dryer

Rotary dryer is not only used to dry fertilizer, but also widely used in grain drying. In order to ensure the normal operation of fertilizer drying and improve the service life and efficiency, it is indispensable to maintain the basic components of the dryer in daily production.

Maintenance of basic components of fertilizer dryer
The maintenance work of the fertilizer dryer mainly includes daily inspection and cleaning of the equipment. The first is the cleaning of external equipment. We need to clean the equipment daily to ensure the cleanliness of the outside of the dryer. The second is the daily inspection of the gas source triple piece, which is also the basis for ensuring the normal operation of the rotary dryer. The other is the cleaning of the dust collector.
rotary dryer

Regular maintenance of fertilizer dryer
The regular maintenance work of the fertilizer dryer is routine maintenance and annual maintenance. Routine maintenance is mainly to clean the internal equipment of the rotary dryer during the specified period, and to lubricate and maintain the parts that are easy to wear such as bearings. In addition, check the belt tightness and some easy to loosen small parts to ensure the stability and safety of the whole drum dryer operation process. Annual maintenance mainly refers to the detailed inspection of the dryer every year to ensure the normal operation of the basic components, at the same time, the basic correction and inspection of the connection of various procedures, reduce the existence of minor errors, and ensure the operation efficiency and service life of the whole rotary dryer.