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How to get benefits from chicken manure

A large amount of chicken manure is produced every year in the farm, and the appropriate disposal of these wastes can obtain rich benefits. There are many ways to process chicken manure, including physical method, chemical method and microbial fermentation method. The tradition of chicken manure fermentation as fertilizer is to allow it to accumulate and ferment naturally for 5-6 months, which will not only pollute the environment but also cause a lot of nutrient loss. However, composting chicken manure with windrow turner machine using a microbial fermentation method can not only speed up the fermentation process, shorten the fermentation time, prevent waste, but increase the nutritional value of chicken manure. In addition, the temperature produced by fermentation kills insects, saves energy, has low cost, simple operation, and is easy to popularize.

1. It is the most direct method to make chicken manure into organic fertilizer directly. The daily chicken manure is gathered together, piled and fermented for a period of time, and then transported to the land for use as organic fertilizer. Chicken manure itself is a very valuable product of fertilizer. It contains many microelements needed for plant growth, and its fertility can be greatly improved after fermentation. If conditions permit, a special composting site can be set up to further process the compost with a fertilizer granulator machine, which can be used to sell these fertilizers and obtain higher profits. Different from the compound fertilizer processed by NPK fertilizer production process, the organic fertilizer product has the function of keeping fertilizer on the soil.
chickenorganic fertilizer granular

2. Processed into feed. After being processed, the fermented chicken manure can be used as feed for pigs, sheep, fish and other organisms, and the effect is good. In some aspects, it is not worse than the refined feed. Of course, it can also be directly used to ferment and dry in the sun before grinding into powder, which can be added during feeding. You should remember that the proportion of chicken manure in the feed should not exceed 15% at most, and that it should not exceed 12% when it is fed directly by drying and mixing. It is suggested that we process it into feed, and the safety of direct drying feed is much lower.