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Granulation characteristics of multi-functional NPK fertilizer production process

Granulator plays an important role in NPK fertilizer production process. After a whole compound fertilizer production line is put into production, the finished product rate affects the production cost of the whole fertilizer project, and the main factor determining the finished product rate is the granulation link.

1. Granulating methods and characteristics of NPK fertilizer production process

Conventional NPK granular fertilizer production methods are divided into extrusion method and agglomeration method.

1) Fertilizer granulator machine for extrusion granulation: roller extrusion granulator, ring die granulator and flat die granulator. In the granulation process, the ring die and formwork are worn seriously, the service life is short, the maintenance cost of equipment is high, and the power consumption is very large. Moreover, the extruded particles are cylindrical or flat, and the fluidity is poor, which is not conducive to mechanized fertilization.

2) Fertilizer granulator machine by pelletizing method: disc fertilizer granulator and rotary drum granulator are used to crush dry organic raw materials and fertilizers into fine powder, and then roll the materials into granules by disc granulator or drum granulator.
NPK fertilizer production process

2. NPK Compound Fertilizer Production Equipment Processing Organic Fertilizer
Compound fertilizer equipment is also suitable for the processing of organic fertilizer products. In organic fertilizer processing, feces and other organic raw materials are fermented first, during which fermentation period can be shortened by adding fermentation bacteria. If the moisture content of the material is large, the dehydrator can be used to reduce the moisture content first, or the dry straw powder can be added to reduce the moisture content to the optimum range of fermentation requirements, so that the feces can be completely decomposed in about two weeks. The pretreated raw materials can then be put into fertilizer granulator machine, such as disc fertilizer granulator for production. The inclined disc granulator rotates continuously, and the powder material rolls gradually into granules. Because of the high moisture content of the granular fertilizer produced, dryer, cooler and other production technology equipment are still needed to reduce the moisture content of granules. After a series of drying and cooling treatments in NPK fertilizer production process, the agglomeration of fertilizer due to composting can be prevented after it is packed into storage.