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High efficient automatic batching system for organic fertilizer production line

A set of fertilizer automatic batching equipment is composed of several automatic batching bins and automatic batching machines, which can accurately batching in the production of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and mixed fertilizer, so as to control the proportion of various nutrients and ensure the quality of products. The automation of batching and weighing system reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the accuracy of batching. It is an indispensable equipment in the NPK fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer manufacturing process.

Organic fertilizer automatic batching system

Automatic batching system is an automatic equipment used for quantitative distribution of raw materials for a variety of materials (such as fertilizers). It is mainly used in the fertilizer industry to replace manual bench scales or volumetric measurement. This machine has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high distribution efficiency, high degree of automation, etc. It is one of the main parts in the complete batching equipment of the automatic batching machine.
automatic batching system of fertilizer production line

The fertilizer automatic proportioning device can complete the automatic proportioning according to user needs, and is suitable for various dry powders and granular materials with low viscosity. The decomposed compost processed by the compost turning machine can also be used as a raw material. The automatic batching system adopts microcomputer control, electronic monitoring, digital prompt, wired remote control operation, and has the characteristics of accurate weighing, high batching precision, fast speed, good control function and convenient operation.

Application of fertilizer automatic batching system

automatic batching system of fertilizer production line
The growth of crops needs a variety of nutrients, for example, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the basic elements which need a large amount. When using the electronic batching machine for batching, it is necessary to set a silo for each raw material containing these elements. The raw materials used in the production of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer are all powdery. After the raw materials of these different components are configured according to the set proportion, they are made into compound fertilizer particles by the disc granulator machine. In the production of mixed fertilizer, granular raw materials can be placed in the batching system.

The automatic batching system is used in all kinds of organic compound fertilizer production lines, which can effectively guarantee the batching accuracy and improve the productivity. The mechanism is simple, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Because the measurement is accurate, it can effectively guarantee the quality of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Electronic batching machine is a new type of batching machine, especially suitable for compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer manufacturing plant.