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Turning machine is the technological equipment of manure compost fermentation

Manure compost fermented as organic fertilizer, whether it is chicken manure, pig manure or cow manure, it must be completely rotted and harmless before use. Compost turning machine is an organic fertilizer production equipment that makes materials ferment and rot! Not only pollute the environment, but also give full play to fertility! The manure turning machine realizes the combination of planting and breeding, which can not only reasonably solve environmental problems, but also become the future development direction of the livestock manure and organic fertilizer industry!

Use of the manure compost turning machine:

1. It is an ideal equipment for using modern technology to transform agricultural waste, animal manure and organic domestic waste into high-quality bio organic fertilizer. The product is applicable to the mode of industrial production of bio organic fertilizer. The mechanical equipment has obvious advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, fast fertilizer production and large output. This equipment will turn the livestock manure which is perplexing the breeding enterprises into a treasure, which plays a huge role in reducing the agricultural environmental pollution and resource reuse, and at the same time, it also adds additional income to the breeding enterprises, which can be said to be more than one stroke.
screw compost turning machine1screw compost turning machine1
2. The compost turner adopts tank fermentation, and the materials need to be put into the fermentation tank. The materials are stirred and broken regularly by the compost dumper, and the organic matters are decomposed under the aerobic condition. The manure composting and throwing machine has the function of crushing, which greatly saves time and labor, improves the production efficiency and product quality of the organic fertilizer plant, and greatly reduces the cost.

3. Through the principle of oxygen consumption and fermentation, the tilter can make bio organic fertilizer with green environmental protection and improved soil quality.

4. Effectively mix livestock manure, sludge, microbial agent and straw powder to create a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.

After a certain period of fermentation, fecal compost can reach the harmless standard and can be used in agricultural planting. The fermented compost is further made into organic fertilizer products by disc granulator machine, which can be sold in the market.