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How about the equipment and market of small-scale chicken manure organic fertilizer

How much is the small organic manure equipment? What do organic fertilizer machines include? The process flow of organic fertilizer production line includes: raw material selection (chicken manure, etc.) → drying and sterilization → ingredient mixing → granulation (organic fertilizer granulator) → cooling and screening → metering and sealing → finished product warehousing.
Organic fertilizer projects have a short construction period, organic fertilizers generally have a shelf life of at least 5 years, a short payback period, and a large market potential. Generally, the investment can be recovered in one or two years and a profit can be generated that year.

How is the market for chicken manure organic fertilizer? Chicken manure organic fertilizer can improve the soil, increase fertility, clean up toxins, and reduce the pollution of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other harmful substances to the soil. The application of chicken manure organic fertilizer can not only increase the yield, but also has the comprehensive benefits of good coloring, large and well-proportioned fruits, storage resistance, and improved taste and quality. Therefore, the market potential of chicken manure organic fertilizer machine is very large.
f small-scale chicken manure organic fertilizer machine

What are the methods for producing organic fertilizer from chicken manure? People in the chicken industry know that chicken manure treatment and processing is the top priority of the environmental protection problem of chicken farms, and the current environmental protection requirements are also very harsh on chicken farms, and chicken manure processing organic fertilizer can be used in farmland to improve crop growth.

In the ever-developing economic society, no matter what kind of mechanical equipment, today's development is more focused on its own quality, and the development of organic fertilizer production lines is the same. The fertilizer produced by the disc granulator machine is suitable for general users in the market.