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Methods of processing cow dung by organic fertilizer production equipment and machine selection skills

A lot of cow dung is very difficult to deal with, but if the cow dung is processed into organic fertilizer, it will not cause pollution, but also recycle the waste. The cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment can realize this wish. When purchasing cattle manure organic fertilizer equipment, it is recommended to directly choose the fertilizer production line, so that the system is complete and the investment is relatively small.

Selection of equipment for organic manure production

1. At present, organic fertilizer processing equipment has become the mainstream trend of the fertilizer industry. The investment in the cost of organic fertilizer processing projects will naturally take into account the expenditure on equipment purchase. After all, whether it is NPK fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer production line project, once the plan is established, it needs to have a clear plan direction for investment project scale and investment funds.
It is important to choose a manufacturer that can produce a complete set of small and medium-sized organic fertilizer production line equipment, because the whole production line is produced by one manufacturer. In the long-term processing and running in, a relatively perfect production system has been formed, and the equipment can operate in good condition.
cow dung organic fertilizer production equipment

2. First determine the powder or granular organic fertilizer processing technology, decide which equipment to purchase, choose disc granulator machine or drum granulator, or roller granulator. The size of the site determines the price of the invested organic fertilizer production line. The common practice is that the equipment manufacturer sends staff to plan the usable building area and planned funds of users, so as to make the choice of production line configuration. Therefore, in the planning stage, it is very necessary to find a factory with advanced technology and reliable technology to guide the planning.