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How to use organic fertilizer equipment to turn cow dung into organic fertilizer

A conventional cattle farm, if its waste is not properly treated, will bring great harm to the surrounding residents and the natural environment. For example, an adult cow can defecate 25 to 30 kg a day, and a beef cow can defecate about 25 kg a day. In fact, cow manure can be converted into high-quality organic fertilizer for agricultural cultivation. The main cow dung organic fertilizer production equipment is fermentation equipment such as windrow turner, and manure dehydration equipment. Other equipment includes granulation, crushing and mixing, screening, packaging and other supporting equipment.

The aerobic fermentation of cow dung can be divided into tank fermentation, rapid fermentation tank fermentation and strip and stack fermentation.

1. Tank fermentation can establish enclosure structure in fermentation tank, especially suitable for low temperature areas and cold seasons. It is characterized by a floor area of about one third of the stacking type, and greatly improved fermentation efficiency.

2. The vertical rapid fermentation tank is the latest developed fermentation method, which is characterized by the smallest floor area, higher efficiency and less than one week fermentation cycle.

3. Stacking fermentation mode, using self-propelled windrow turner. At present, the commonly used way for small and medium-sized farmers is the stacker fermentation. Because of its simple process, simple equipment and low cost of the windrow turner.

cow dung organic fertilizer production equipment
There are two steps to process the commercial organic fertilizer from cattle manure: the first step is fermentation and the second step is granulation. Required organic fertilizer production equipment: fermentation and throwing machine, organic fertilizer crusher, roller screen machine, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, rotary dryer, cooler, screen machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment.

Processing flow of organic fertilizer production equipment: raw material fermentation, computer belt scale weighing automatic ingredients, grinding, mixing, fertilizer granulation, drying and cooling, screening, particle coating, packaging and sealing.