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How to maintain fertilizer metering feeder machine

Usually in the process of fertilizer processing, if the roller granulator is used to produce granular organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, the quantitative feeder is used to deal with the powder material. For example, the main raw material of the production line is powder organic fertilizer, and the auxiliary materials are chemical fertilizer products with three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These chemical fertilizer products are generally powder products purchased in batches.

If there are particles such as urea in the raw materials for fertilizer production, they can be pre crushed by urea crusher, and then the powder can be added into the batching bin.

Maintenance of fertilizer metering feeder

1. First of all, ensure that the moving parts of the quantitative feeder are clean, the motor radiator is free of dust and oil, and the scale frame is free of dust and material. Especially, use compressed air to purge the dust near the sensor every shift, so as to ensure that the sensor is sensitive and free.

2. Ensure that there is no material accumulation between the scale frame of the quantitative feeder and the spring plate connecting the weighing support. If the granular material is found to be sandwiched in the spring of the support or the movable scale frame of the weighing section, it should be removed in time to prevent the weighing frame from jamming and affecting the accuracy of the weighing material.

3. When weighing powdery materials and sticky materials, it is necessary to ensure the normal use of the scraper to prevent the zero point offset caused by belt sticking and affect the accuracy of blanking. The mixed powder enters the disc granulator machine for processing.

4. The cleaning of the idler roller and the sticking of the idler material have the biggest impact on the unstable feeding, causing belt deviation, deviation of weighing materials, and inaccurate weighing. Timely cleaning up the sticky material of the roller is also an important part of ensuring the smooth operation of the batching scale.