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Small cattle manure organic fertilizer crushing machine has high crushing rate

The new type of organic manure crusher has the advantages of high crushing rate and energy saving, and is less affected by the moisture content of materials. The materials with moisture content less than 50% can be crushed, and it is suitable for crushing medium hard and extra hard materials.

This kind of small-scale organic fertilizer machine has strong adaptability for materials with high moisture content, and is not suitable for blocking and smooth cutting. The material enters from the feed port and collides with the high-speed rotating chain in the casing. After the impact, the material is squeezed and broken, and then impacts the inner wall of the casing. After counterattack, the material collides with the chain again. In this way, in the process of falling, after several times of impact, it becomes powder or particles less than 3mm and is discharged from the lower part.

The organic fertilizer crusher has high crushing efficiency and sufficient crushing materials. The compost raw materials must be crushed. The crushed material meets the particle size requirements of the organic fertilizer granulator.

How to use cow dung effectively? Generally, organic fertilizer equipment is used for processing. Is the profit of organic fertilizer made from cow dung big? How does the semi wet material cow dung crusher work? How much is a cow dung grinder? These are the problems that we should consider when we deal with cow dung to produce organic fertilizer.