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How to solve the failure of the double roller press granulator

1. If the double roller press granulator exceeds the trend value, determine whether the idle current value or power value of the main motor exceeds the specified value, and judge whether the bearing should be replaced.

2. Regularly check the alignment between the output shaft of the main motor and the input shaft of the gearbox of the roller granulator, and check the alignment after the first start-up or replacement of the bearing for three months.
double roller press granulator
3. Carry out electrical test and check to determine the cause of rotor imbalance; test the vibration speed of clutch, and readjust the dynamic balance if it exceeds the specified value.

4. Regularly check the heating and cooling system of the barrel of the double roller press granulator to ensure that the material is heated evenly and fully melted.

6.If the power curve of the main motor and the melt pressure curve increase instantaneously when the fertilizer manufacturing equipment is turned on, it indicates that the feeding amount of the feeding system is instantaneously too large, and the feeding amount should be reduced.