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Application of rotary drum screening machine in fertilizer and other industries

In various industrial fields, we need to use a variety of screening machinery, we see the most vibration screening machine, drum screening machine. Among them, the rotary drum screening machine is a drum type structure, which is widely used in organic fertilizer production equipment.

Applicable occasions of drum screening machine
1. Stone yard. Used for grading large and small stones, and can separate soil and stone powder.
2. Sandstone field. Rotary screener used for sand and stone separation.
3. Coal industry. Rotary drum screener used for separation of lump coal and pulverized coal and coal washing (component of coal washing machine)
4. Chemical industry. Used to classify large and small blocks and separate powdery substances. The granules made by the disc granulator machine can be roughly sieved and finely sieved. The drum sieving machine has a large processing capacity and is easy to integrate with the production line.