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How long can the construction of pig manure organic fertilizer production line be profitable

The problem of livestock manure pollution in pig farms has always been the concern of people. Have you ever thought that it would be good to solve this problem with organic fertilizer machine.
Organic fertilizer equipment is more suitable for fertilizer plants, farms and organic waste treatment plants. Through the establishment of organic fertilizer production line, on the one hand can solve the problem of pollution, on the other hand can bring a sum of income, kill two birds with one stone.

The pig manure organic fertilizer production line includes the following equipment:

   1. Fermentation tipping machine: suitable for tipping animal manure, biogas residue, straw and other organic fertilizer materials.

   2. Semi wet material crusher: it is suitable for lump materials with certain wet materials, which is crushed by the upper rotor at high speed and then by the lower rotor.

   3. Disc granulator machine: high pelletizing rate, more than 93%, high hardness and good appearance.

   4. Drum screening machine: separate the particles from the returned materials, and the returned materials are transported by belt conveyor to disc granulator for reprocessing.

   5. dryer: because there can be a certain humidity, so to dry, the machine has high heat utilization, drying fast. Automatic packing scale: package the finished products.
manure organic fertilizer production line

Cost and profit of pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment

If you want to make a profit, you need to consider the cost and benefit of the construction of pig manure organic fertilizer production line. We should consider the labor cost, the monthly wage of workers, that is, the labor cost. Depreciation cost of equipment and civil engineering plant. There are also sales promotion and management costs. The cost of fertilizer production and the cost of processing finished granular fertilizer. Finally, according to the average market price of granular organic fertilizer, the final profit is obtained.