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Organic fertilizer cannot replace all fertilizers

Organic fertilizer includes all the materials that can be used as fertilizer except chemical fertilizer, usually animal manure, crop straw and green manure. Organic fertilizer can not only improve soil structure, improve soil fertility, promote the release of soil nutrients, but also supply crop nutrients. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine is of great significance to the development of organic agriculture, green agriculture and pollution-free agriculture.

There are many kinds of organic fertilizers with different functions, so we should pay attention to scientific application and avoid blind application. Considering the characteristics of crop growth, organic fertilizer can not replace all fertilizers.
organic fertilizer

Nutrient imbalance of organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer contains more kinds of nutrients, which is superior to chemical fertilizer with single nutrient, but its nutrients are not balanced, which can not meet the needs of high yield and high quality of crops. In the application of organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer should be applied according to the nutrient requirements of crops. Even in the farmland producing green food, mineral fertilizer should be applied appropriately, and various foliar fertilizers should be applied during the growth of crops.

Therefore, in the production of organic fertilizer, in addition to organic fertilizer, the raw materials can also be mixed with other nutrients such as NPK, and then processed into different types of compound fertilizer with a roller granulator.

In order to obtain high yield, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer should be applied together to make up for each other's advantages and meet the needs of crops for various nutrients in quantity and time.