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Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine - the effect of organic fertilizer on soil

In the past, organic fertilizer played an important role in traditional agricultural production. With the development of modern industry, the application of chemical fertilizer is more and more widely. NPK fertilizer is easy to use, with the characteristics of quick effect and high yield, and has made a significant contribution to the development of agricultural production.

However, if we do not follow the principle of organic fertilizer as the main fertilizer and chemical fertilizer as the auxiliary fertilizer, long-term single and large-scale use of chemical fertilizer will easily cause soil hardening, soil fertility decline and soil acidification, which will restrict crop yield and affect product quality. Therefore, organic fertilizer manufacturing machine has irreplaceable significance for agriculture and soil.
effect of organic fertilizer on soil

The effect of organic fertilizer on soil

1. There are a lot of beneficial microorganisms in bio organic fertilizer, which can decompose organic matter in soil, increase soil aggregate structure and improve soil composition. Microorganisms in the soil reproduce very fast, they are like an invisible net, intricate. After the death of microorganisms, there are many micro pipes in the soil. These micro pipes not only increase the air permeability of the soil, but also make the soil fluffy and soft, and the nutrient water is not easy to be lost, which increases the capacity of soil water storage and fertilizer storage, and avoids and eliminates the soil hardening.

2. The beneficial microorganisms in organic fertilizer can also inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria, so we can use less pesticides. If we use them for many years, it can effectively inhibit soil pests, save labor, money and pollution.

3. The effect of organic fertilizer is lasting. The effect of organic fertilizer itself lasts for a long time, and the fertilizer is processed by disc granulator machine, so it is not easy to lose in the state of solid particles.