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What are the types of organic fertilizer cooler equipment

When organic fertilizer machine processes granular fertilizer, the powder material is usually bonded into granules by adding water. A few use dry granulation (roller granulator), without adding too much water granulation. In order to facilitate the later packaging storage, the fertilizer needs to be dried, which requires the use of fertilizer dryer and fertilizer cooler.

For a long time, the fertilizer industry has been using tumble dryers and coolers. Long-term practice has also proved that this method of thermal drying has a good effect, removes moisture quickly and meets the moisture content requirements.
organic fertilizer cooler equipment

Fertilizer cooler

The drum cooler is used to cool the fertilizer with a certain temperature and particle size. It is used as an organic fertilizer machine together with the dryer to further remove part of the water and reduce the particle temperature of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The drum cooler is a cylindrical revolving body. The materials are continuously raised and thrown down by the lifting plate inside the cylinder, and contact with the constantly blowing cold wind, thereby taking away a part of the moisture and temperature.

With the development of fertilizer manufacturing equipment industry, this fertilizer drum cooler still plays an important role in fertilizer production line. But at the same time, some new cooling methods have been put into use. For example, the cooling tower with water cooling mode can use circulating water to cool materials rapidly. More importantly, compared with the air cooling mode in the past, this water cooling mode will not produce any dust, which is very important for today's strict environmental protection requirements.

Different from the long-tube type single-tube cooler, this water-cooled cooler is in the shape of a tall tower with a small footprint, but the height is higher, up to 8 meters high. Although the plant area is saved, the height of the plant is less There are higher requirements. In this way, ordinary belt conveyors cannot be used, but large-incline belt conveyors or bucket elevators can be used. These two types of equipment are suitable for conveying materials at higher heights.

When choosing organic fertilizer equipment, we recommend drum cooler equipment, which is more suitable for the production methods of most fertilizer plants on the market.