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Organic fertilizer made into pellets is better and more popular

Granular organic fertilizer is generally popular in the market, and its fertilizer efficiency is better in granular state. Therefore, many organic fertilizer processing plants generally choose the production line of organic fertilizer granulator.

The pelleting process of manure organic fertilizer from farms is as follows:

Because the fermented and decomposed manure of the farm will become agglomerated for a long time, it needs to be crushed for use before being processed into organic fertilizer.
Add a certain amount of nutrients such as N, P, K, etc., and mix them evenly with a mixer.
Then use an organic fertilizer granulator to granulate to fix the nutrients evenly and uniformly into the granules to avoid the phenomenon of nutrient differentiation caused by long-distance transportation.
The drying and cooling of the organic fertilizer machine is to evaporate the excess water in the particles and extend the storage life of the organic fertilizer.
Screening is to screen out the finished particles, semi-finished products and powdery unqualified products, and increase the value of commodities.