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How much does it cost to build a small fertilizer factory

The livestock wastes need to be treated in time, so some entrepreneurs with large amount of manure resources will purchase complete set of fertilizer manufacturing process equipment to build organic fertilizer plants to treat these livestock and poultry wastes. In this way, we can get extra economic income while solving the fecal pollution, which is really a good practice in the recycling economy of turning waste into treasure. How much does it cost to build a small fertilizer factory? In this article, fertilizer machine manufacturers will take you to understand.

Considering the needs of breeding and the pollution of livestock manure, the breeding area is generally built in a relatively remote area, so as to provide a good growth environment for livestock and poultry, and the manure produced will not affect the lives of surrounding residents. In this way, the site selection cost will not be too high, and a larger area can be obtained with a smaller investment, which is convenient for the improvement of all aspects of the facilities of the organic fertilizer plant.

In terms of hardware and facilities, the main input of fertilizer manufacturing process is the investment in civil engineering and equipment in the plant area, which are determined according to the annual output demand of the organic fertilizer plant. The fertilizer plants with large output need to build larger plants, and the models of fertilizer manufacturing equipment purchased are larger. On the contrary, the organic fertilizer plants with small annual output can build small workshops, which occupy a small area of small fertilizer manufacturing process equipment, and can reduce a lot of investment for plant construction.
fertilizer manufacturing process site

The purchase of animal manure treatment equipment is based on the user's requirements for the finished fertilizer, and the equipment used in the powder organic fertilizer manufacturing process is relatively less. More equipment is needed to produce granular fertilizer, especially the organic fertilizer granulator, which has better practicability and effect. In addition, the investment in the production of high-grade organic fertilizer and fertilizer equipment with complete automation function will be high, so users can choose according to their own needs.