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How to reasonably plan the equipment and process of bio organic fertilizer

In the production process of bio organic fertilizer, aerobic fermentation is adopted, and the compost needs to be treated by fermentation agent. The decomposed raw materials can be used as raw materials to produce bio fertilizer particles. Bio organic fertilizer production equipment is mainly divided into compost turner and fertilizer granulation equipment.

Aerobic fermentation
Mix chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure with straw, sawdust and mushroom residue in proper proportion (80-90% of manure and 10-20% of others). 1ton of material is added with 1kg of fertilizer fermenting agent, which is diluted by 1kg of fertilizer fermenting agent and 5kg of rice bran (or bran, corn meal and other substitutes), and then evenly distributed into the material pile. In the fermentation process, attention should be paid to using the trough type compost turner to properly dump and supply oxygen. The compost temperature is controlled at 55-75℃. The water content of fermentation materials should be controlled at about 50% - 65%.

The production of bio organic fertilizer requires aerobic fermentation. Therefore, in the process of operation, oxygen supply measures should be increased to achieve mixing, frequent turnover and ventilation. Otherwise, it will cause anaerobic fermentation and produce odor, which will affect the effect of biological fertilizer. Generally, after two days of pig manure accumulation, the temperature rises to 50-75℃, and on the third day, it can reach above 65℃. In this high temperature, the pig manure can be turned over once by the trough compost turning machine. Generally, there will be two times of high temperature above 65℃ in the fermentation process. Turning over twice can complete the fermentation, which can be completed within a normal week. The compost temperature began to fall to normal temperature, indicating that the fermentation was completed.

biofertilizer production process
The fermented organic fertilizer materials are mixed with other raw materials by the mixer, and then are granulated into spherical particles by the fertilizer granulator machine. The particles are then dried in a dryer and cooled in a cooler. The unqualified products screened by the screening machine are sent back to the mixer, and the qualified products are sent to the coating machine, which can be coated with calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements by the duster, and the finished products are packed by the automatic packing machine.