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Supply small urea crusher for compound fertilizer production

Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers provides efficient small-scale urea crusher. Our products include cage crusher, single axis urea crusher and other small and medium-sized crushing equipment. We also have crop straw crusher, fertilizer chain crusher, organic fertilizer semi wet material crusher equipment. We know that in the production of NPK compound fertilizer, large blocks of urea need to be crushed into powder shape, and urea fertilizer crusher can well complete this function.

Urea is an essential fertilizer in agricultural production. Most of the urea used in the early days was granular. With the rapid development of fertilizer industry, urea is widely used in the field of chemical raw material production. As a simple fertilizer, urea will be mixed together as auxiliary material and main material in NPK fertilizer production process. In order to ensure the uniformity of mixing, it is necessary to use a grinder to crush the urea product very fine.

urea crusher
Performance of small urea crusher
The fertilizer crusher has the advantages of simple and compact structure, small floor area, convenient maintenance and good crushing effect. The machine is stable in operation and easy to clean. It is suitable for hard particles such as monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate and urea. In the production of NPK compound fertilizer, in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, many products are tons of bags. The crushing fineness of raw materials treated by urea crusher can reach 150 mesh, which completely meets the crushing requirements of NPK fertilizer production process.

When using the crusher, place the machine flat in a certain position of the fertilizer production workshop, and connect the power supply to use it. The grinding fineness of the material is controlled by the distance between the two rollers of the crusher. The smaller the distance, the finer the fineness, and the lower the output. When the raw materials are fed evenly, the grinding effect is better and the output is relatively increased. We can design the small device as a mobile device according to the user's requirements. The user can put it in the corresponding position when using it, and move it when not in use, which is very convenient.