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How to recycle industrial waste by double roller press granulator

The reuse of industrial waste is of great concern. Under such a need, the double roller press granulator equipment is designed as an innovative machine product. Why do you say that? Here is a detailed introduction.

Effect on double roller press granulator

The roller extrusion granulator is widely used. It granulates materials. Most of the industrial waste can be recycled by the equipment. It really achieves the recycling of resources, but also greatly protects the environment. In terms of environmental protection, the processing operation of the double roller fertilizer granulator is produced by non-drying and normal temperature technology. The granule has high strength and the increase of the bulk specific gravity is more significant than other granulation methods. It is especially suitable for the occasion of increasing the bulk specific gravity of the product.
fertilizer double roller press granulator

Raw materials that can be processed by roller press granulator

Coal powder, carbon powder, coke powder, carbon black, mineral powder, dust removal ash, lime powder and other metal mineral powder as well as industrial recycled dust materials. Dust of iron casting plant, lead, zinc, aluminum dust, converter dust, filter dust, grinding dust, etc.

More importantly, the mechanical transmission system of the double roller fertilizer granulator is all sealed in the body. Because the powder material completes the granulation process in wet state, there is no discharge of three wastes in the pelletizing process of the counter roll extrusion granulator and the whole fertilizer manufacturing process, which truly achieves green production. The roller press granulator has played a great role in fertilizer production and achieved the green reuse of resources. Its market potential is huge.