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The role of compost turner machine in the production of organic fertilizer

In the organic fertilizer production equipment, the compost dumper is one of the indispensable machinery, so what is the important role of the turner in the organic fertilizer production? What are the advantages of using compost turner for organic fertilizer production and fermentation?

Compost turner machine

The turner can be divided into two types: trough tripper and walking tripper. The trough turner machine is also called track turner and organic fertilizer turner. We also have a double screws turner suitable for large-scale fermentation. There is a windrow turner for the walking turner machine.
windrow turner

Application of turner in organic fertilizer production and fermentation

The raw materials of organic fertilizer are relatively extensive, and the common ones are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and other animal manure. Such raw materials need biological fermentation, and then use the turner to make them reach the harmless treatment standard, so as to further produce commercial organic fertilizer through the fertilizer manufacturing process.
Determine the fermentation site, the ground fermentation site needs to be open, the site needs to be flat, so as to facilitate large-scale fermentation production. In general, the water content of raw materials is large, and a certain proportion of dry materials need to be added for water regulation, such as straw powder, mushroom residue, etc. The semi-finished product of fermented organic fertilizer is brown and dark brown, with no odor and a little ammonia smell.

Advantages of compost turner machine to process organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer processed by composting and fertilizer granulator machine, when applied to the heaven and earth, does not need to worry about the occurrence of diseases and pests, nor will it burn roots and rotten seedlings. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients in organic fertilizer particles are rich and comprehensive, which are more easily absorbed by crops. Long-term application will thoroughly improve the situation of soil drying and hardening, and enhance the soil's water and soil moisture conservation performance. The turner equipment can increase the production and income of crops and further improve the quality.