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How to Choose Suitable Organic Fertilizer Granulators for Processing Fertilizer in Cattle Farms

How to choose the organic fertilizer granulator machine that suits you? What are the prices of different granulators? Organic fertilizer granulator is one of the important equipment for processing and producing finished organic fertilizer, so what organic fertilizer granulators are on the market?
Common organic fertilizer granulators include: double roller granulatorrotary drum granulator, disc granulator machine, new organic fertilizer granulator, new two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator, flat die granulator Machine, ring die granulator, various granulators have their own production characteristics, can be used in organic fertilizer production line, npk fertilizer production line, bio-organic fertilizer production line, etc, the price of granulator varies.
The output requirement is 1-3 tons per hour, it is recommended to choose a flat die granulator or a double-roll extrusion granulator. If the requirements for the effect of the discharged granules are higher, choose a double-roll extrusion granulator. The price is around 8000 RMB .
The output requirement is 4-8 tons per hour. Choose from an agitator granulator or a disc granulator. If the requirements for the effect of the discharged particles are higher, then choose a stirring granulator, and the prices are 10,000 RMB and 30,000 RMB respectively.
The output requirement is 10-25 tons per hour. If the granule yield is high and the granule shape is good, choose a drum granulator or a three-in-one compound fertilizer granulator. Generally speaking, this kind of granulator is suitable for professional medium and large organic fertilizer manufacturers, and the price is: 38,000 RMB for drum granulator, and 68,000 RMB for compound fertilizer granulator.
How to choose a suitable and cost-effective product among many types of organic fertilizer granulator is our technology. Of course, we don't need to worry too much. Considering your own situation and considering various factors in advance, you can always choose the organic fertilizer granulator that suits you.