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The working principle and equipment advantages of the flat mold granulator


The flat mold granulator uses the center of gravity force of the material for feeding, and the material falls onto the template through the center of gravity force. Does this solve the feeding problem of materials with poor fluidity; The flat mold granulator is an open type machine with good heat dissipation, and the rotational speed is not as fast as the ring mold machine, so it can achieve low-temperature granulation and ensure the survival rate of beneficial bacteria (which is very suitable for fermenting feed).

The flat mold granulator also has a very important point, which is that it is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, because the flat mold granulator uses the principle of extrusion, and the particles produced have a certain strength. No matter what raw materials are, other granulation equipment such as cow and sheep manure with high fiber content, mushroom residue, and rice husks that are added to the fermentation and water absorption cannot form raw materials. The flat mold granulator can be extruded into shape, and the extruded finished products are not scattered during transportation, and are easy to melt when they come into contact with water on the ground.

The granulation advantages of flat mold granulator

1. The complete organic fertilizer production line is not only suitable for organic fertilizers, but also for bio organic fertilizers with added functional bacteria.

2. The diameter of the fertilizer can be adjusted according to customer needs. Our factory produces various types of granulators, including organic fertilizer granulators, disc granulators, flat mold granulators, drum granulators, etc. Choosing different granulators can produce particles of different shapes.

3. Widely applicable. It can handle different raw materials, such as animal manure waste, agricultural waste, fermentation waste, and so on. All these organic raw materials can be processed into bulk granular commercial organic fertilizers.

4. High degree of automation and precision. The ingredient system and packaging machine are both controlled by computers, achieving automation.

5. High quality, stable performance, convenient operation, and high degree of automation. We have fully considered user experience when designing and manufacturing fertilizer machines.